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We have made a recent discovery that can be verified by various sites updated by Comer descendants across the US.
We believe our earliest US ancestor is JOHN COMER of New England according to this will-(

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Subject: Will - John Comer
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PS: If you check Streetmap+UK, you'll see that Oake is nr. Taunton, Somerset...

Edna - Ottawa

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Subject: Will - John Comer
> Will of JOHN COMER, senr of Oake in Diocese of Bath and Wells,
> and County of Somsett, yeoman, weake of body. Dated 27 October 1686. To
> sonne JOHN COMER of New England (L) 10 and to sonne GEORGE COMER now in
> London (L) 10, both in one month after decease of my wife DOROTHY. My
> WILLIAM COMER of London Residuary Legatee and Exor. Wit: JAMES JARMAN,
> Larkham and John Larkham. Pro. At London 1 June 1689 by Exor.
> P.C.C. Ent. 76
> Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 54, 1800 -
> Page 193
> “Gleanings from English Archives”
> Kansas City, MO Public Library
> Excerpt by Alice Comer Meyer
> Thanks,
> Alice Comer Meyer
> Lawrence, Kansas USA
> ameyer

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Note from website host
- In the listings of first families in US early 1600's, there were no Comer's found and no Comer's on Mayflower.  I  also previously found a site of births in Somerset England that showed John Comer being born to Thomas Comer early 1600's

I haven't found proof yet but believe JOHN COMER of New England (CT.) had a son named ROBERT COMER b. 1704 or 1710 from Chester County, Pa.
--------IN THIS ORDER: (Names in blue are our ancestors- this is accurate from Robert Comer down to Flem & Della)
ROBERT COMER b. 1710 - d. April 17, 1777 - married REBECCA HOUGHTON b. 1715 - Chester Cty, Pa - 9 children- Joseph, John, Robert, Tamer, Thomas, Mary, Amos,
Lynn, Jesse. 

JOHN COMER b 1738 in Chester Cty, Pa. - d. 1827 in Washington, Va.  -married Elizabeth Cox April, 29, 1762 in Huntington, Pa. - 3 c Richard, John, Female

RICHARD COMER b 1764 in York, Pa. -d 1844 in Washington, Va.  -married Katherine_____ - 5 c Richard, Jonathan, Abigail, female, female
The above information is from the following website created and prepared by NAOMI EMMICH  ----    CLICK HERE- COMER ANCESTRY

NOTE ---Rich Kreiss' ancestry search shows JONATHAN having a son named JOHN and JOHNS' fifth child was FLEM!

 HISTORY:    The Comer Family homeplace in Troutdale (Grayson County) Va., was passed down to...
    Joseph Flemuel Comer
(known as Flem)
    The second youngest of seven.(5 boys-2 girls)
    Flems parents were John Comer(born 1826-Troutdale, Va.) and Elizabeth (Wright) Comer (born 1836)
    The Comer graveyard was founded by Johns parents, Jonathan & Rebecca (Parsons) Comer (1795-1873)
The following is a census list for Wilson Dist.-Grayson Cty, Va. - 1880
                     Household     Age-    Relation-  Occupation- Place of birth  

118. Comer, John M.       54     H          Farmer      VA VA VA
(Wright) Elizabeth 44 W KH VA VA VA
Eli J. 18 S VA VA VA
John I. 15 S VA VA VA
Joseph F. 12 S VA VA VA
James 9 S VA VA VA
Rebecca 79 M VA VA VA

(Flem's oldest brother Steven T.nor his sisters listed in this census) 

Note:This 1850 Va. census
(Jonathan & Rebecca's oldest daughter Catherine was married)

New River Notes for marriages in Wythe County, Va. shows the following.......
Jonathan Comer Rebecca Parsons 6/26/1820

George Washington Parks Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location:  Flat Ridge
Directions:   On north side of Rt 674 [Roberts Cove Rd], --- miles south of 601 [Flat Ridge Rd] junction.
GPS Coordinates:  N36.7002 W81.3176
Surveyed by:  Rodney Johnson, Donna Edwards
Comments:  There are only two graves here with markers that have names. There are at least 13 more graves marked by fieldstones. The cemetery measures approx. 55 by 60 feet and is laid out in 6 rows. George Washington Parks is buried in the 3rd row near the center of the cemetery.

George Washington Parks married Catherine Comer on December 03, 1841.
George Washington Parks was in the Grayson Home Guards during Civil War.
Catherine Comer is said to a be the daughter of Johnathan R. and Rebecca Comer. John R. is the son of Richard Comer from Washington County, Va. 1850 Census by John Perry Alderman

      Flem & Della - 1920                                 Flem early 1900                                       Della & Flem - 1912

Myrtle Cidella Comer-1936         John Wesley Kegley          Troutdale Primitive Baptist

                                                              - Dellas' older brother              (Laurel Creek Baptist)
-contributed by Ron Whitson

    Flem and Della (Kegley) Comer had four-teen children!  - 
   They and all of their children were born in Troutdale (Grayson Cty)Va

           NAME          BIRTH           MARRIED               CHILDREN
        Charles      9/8/1894         Mary Blevins----------William,Joe,Wiley,Wave
        Vina           5/2/1895         Eli Greear   -----------Leona,Woody,Estelle,Bob
                                    2nd -  
Tom Schmuck--------Jessee,David
                                    3rd -    Everett Heaton-------  James 
       *Frank        2/13/1899        Effie Sullins-----------Hallie,Charles,Violet,Bryan
        George       9/10/1900        Lona Rhodes----------Odis,Jean,Darrel
        Fred           4/07/1907        Ada Porter   ---------Cecil,Ellen
        Marion       8/21/1908        Clara Cole------------ Lorraine, Paul, AnnaBelle,
                                                                                 MaryLibby,Jimmy. PearlLeona,
                                                                                 Breece, Barbara, Bobby,
                                                                                 Pauline, Patty
        Ella            11/20/1910       Harry Strawbridge ---Betty,Jimmy,Dale,Shirley,Donald
        Oscar         12/6/1912        Nellie Workman ----- Della, Wayne, Johnny
        Lottie         4/24/1915        Roy Richardson----   Bill, Ralph, Nancy, Kenny
       James          7/15/1917        Nola Ball-------------- Arbutus, Harvey, Marvin,
                                                                                  Stella, Louise
* Sally 1897-Died the night Frank was born (Jackson, Stella and Troy also died young.)

         Lottie &  Ella                                            Fred & Marion
                          Lottie       Harry (Charlies family)     

    Oscar              Jim            Joe-(Charlies)

Search for cemetery records in Comer Cemetery, VA at by entering a surname and clicking search:

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This site shows 111 marked graves at Jonathan Comer Cemetery in Troutdale, Va.
NOTE- New River Notes says Johnathan Comer's father is believed to be John -CORRECTION -Jonathan's father was Richard.

More History.........  
Joseph Flemuel Comer
Generation No. 1.... submitted by Rich Kreiss (Charles Guy family)
        JOSEPH FLEMUEL COMER - 1867-1926 (son of JOHN M -b1826, son of  JONATHAN b1795, son of RICHARD b1764, son of JOHN b1738, son of ROBERT b1710) 
FLEM was born March 12, 1867 in Troutdale, Grayson Co., Virginia (Source: (1) Virginia Death Certificate., (2) Grayson County (VA) Birth Register., (3) Tombstone, Comer Cemetery, Troutdale, VA., (4) Grayson County (VA) Birth Register, 1853-1879, Last name spelled as "Coomer"..), and died August 25, 1926 in Troutdale, Grayson Co., Virginia (Source: (1) Virginia Death
Certificate., (2) Tombstone,  Jonathan Comer Cemetery, Troutdale, VA.).

      Flem and Garnett Comer (Steve's son)                                                   1937 -   Della Kegley Comer
    (Found this info on Garnett in  Obituaries-
                                            (About a month before she died)
             Oak Grove Baptist-Bel Air, Md. )
     COMER, Garnett b-8/18/1895  d-7/6/1962

     Flemuel married MYRTLE CEDELLA KEGLEY November 28, 1892 in Grayson County, Virginia (Source: Grayson County (VA) Marriage Records, Book 2.),daughter of DAVID KEGLEY and CHARLOTTE CLARK. She was born March 28, 1872 in Grayson County, Virginia (Source: (1) Maryland Death Certificate, Record No. 10972., (2) Tombstone, Comer Cemetery, Troutdale, VA.), and died October 10, 1937 in Street, Harford Co., Maryland (Source: (1) "Obituary; The Marion Democrat," Tues., Oct. 19, 1937, Troutdale, Va. Oct. 19th-----Mrs. Della Comer died at the home of her son in Pennsylvania,
Monday, and was brought here for burial in the Comer cemetery, Friday., (2) Maryland Death Certificate, Reg. No. 10972, MSA No. S1179. Certificate signed by Dr. Willard P. Hudson., (3) Tombstone,

These entrance pics were taken by CLARA PUGH (Troutdale, Va) and emailed to me -
      Thank you, Clara!    

Comer Cemetery,
Troutdale, VA..     FLEM & DELLA (Kegley) COMER
Flems; brother-JOHN ISOM COMER*    Flems' brother-STEVEN T. COMER
(John Isom Comer born 20 Aug, 1864 -died 12 Dec. 1936 in Troutdale, Va.
John Isom married Mary Elizabeth York - they had six children; 
Leeander, Fielden, Jincy, Dora, Pearl and Martha.

   (pic donated by Betty Royal)            Mary York Comer                           John Isom Comer
1888 -John Isom Comer/Mary York Comer                                          Mary York Comer
             -son Leeander
Leeander's wife's name was Lura Caldonia Blevins. Lee & Dona had 8 children;
  Gaither, John, Mary, Helen, Katie, Virginia, Robert and Jincy.
Winnie died at age 7 and is buried in Comer graveyard)
    Leeander (son of John Isom Comer) & Dona Comer                John Comer (left -son of Leeander)  
                                                                                                                     ---- served in WW2 at Anzio
Gaither Comer (Leeander's oldest)                                                                 Katie, Helen and Robert
                            Helen with mom Dona                                                                 Lee Ander & Jincy

                                                               Jincy Comer Barker

(pics by Betty Royal)  Barker, Jincy                                                             Jincy Barker family

                                            Dora Clyde Comer Walton and Lee Ander Comer

    (Leeander's sister)                    --daughter of John Isom & Mary York Comer
     Pearl Marie Comer                         Pearl Marie Comer Carter

(Pics & info contributed by Rose Huskin, Terry Comer Thomas and Betty Mays)  
    According to the 1900 Federal Census, Joseph Flem and Myrtie were living with their children in the Wilson Creek District of Grayson County known as Fox Creek. (My grandfather, Charles, was six years old at the time.) Also living with them was Flem's parents, John and Elizabeth. Next door, Joseph's brother, John Isom Comer and his family lived.
    The 1910 Federal Census of the Wilson Magisterial District of Grayson County dated May 7, 1910, shows Flem and Della living with their family consisting of Charlie, Vina D., Frank, George, Fred, and Marion. Flem's brother John was living next door with his family.
    Joseph Flem Comer died of cancer Aug. 25, 1926 in Troutdale. Dr. E. W. Ross of Sugar Grove was the attending physician and he stated that he attended Flem from 10 July through 11 August 1926 and the last time he saw him alive was on 11 August. There are numerous errors on Flem's death certificate. The most obvious are, his full name is listed as Fleming Comer. His date of birth is listed exactly 50 years earlier, Aug. 25, 1876. These
errors can probably be attributed to the informant, James Borks or Books, who was also the undertaker. The death certificate states that Flem was buried the next day, Aug. 26th, in the Comer Cemetery.
Cause of Death: Pancreatic cancer.
Fact 1: 1880, Flem was a common name in the area.
Fact 2: June 8, 1880, Living with parents in Wilson Creek Dist., Grayson Co., VA.
Fact 3: June 4, 1900, Living with family in Troutdale, Grayson Co., VA.
Fact 4: September 13, 1902, Registered to vote in Grayson Co., VA.
Fact 5: May 7, 1910, Living with family in Troutdale, Grayson Co., VA.
Fact 6: February 3, 1920, Living with family on Troutdale Rd. in Grayson Co., VA.
Married by: J. A. Hash, Jr.
Nickname: "Flem".
Occupation: Farmer.
Where Buried: Comer Cemetery, Fox Creek, VA.
Myrtie was a housekeeper. She came north to live with her eldest son, Charlie and his wife, Mary, after Flem died in 1926. She died at 11:25 a.m. at home in Street, Md., and was attended by Dr. Willard P. Hudson, Forest Hill, Md. She was 65 years, 6 months, and 12 days old at the time of her death. A son, George, served as the informant for the death certificate which states that burial took place on October 13, 1937 at Sharon, Md. In reality, Myrtie's body was shipped back to Troutdale where she was laid to rest with Flem in the Comer Cemetery on October 15, 1937. Funeral arrangements were made by W. Howard Webb, Fawn Grove, Penna.
Date born 2: March 28, 1872, Grayson County, VA.
Died 2: October 10, 1937, Street, Harford Co., MD.
Cause of Death: Lobar pneumonia.
Fact 1: April 16, 1930, Living w/Oscar & James at Duncan's Corner, MD.
Medical Information: Diagnosed with diabetes millitus, August, 1936.
Nickname: "Della".
Occupation: Housekeeper.
Where Buried: Comer Cemetery, Fox Creek, VA.

   1912- Flem & Della making sugar-  (Look closely, you can see sugar coming from chute.)
                         Flem on left --------         middle ?            ---------------- Della on right                            
Arthur Barker                                                           Frank Comer
                            Eli Greear
                                                                   George Comer

                                                             Frank, Garnett, Geoge Comer
                                                                  (Garnett was Steve's son)

1960's-                Marion              Lottie                                         Ellie                             Jim