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"A Day For A Day"
This is my first book - March 2010

-   Police don't have a clue who kidnapped Maggie Taylor's six year old daughter!  ....
 BUT, Maggie does!    -Hell hath no fury like a womans'..... REVENGE!!!  


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Fiction Murder Mystery
"Wigs" .. by Robert & Donna Comer

August 2012


A Child A Mother Should Love --Vol. 2 Donna Lee Comer

Released Dec. 13, 2011


         This fiction work by Donna Lee Comer, you would think was taken right out of the headlines of the spring of 2011; but, was actually written before the Casey Anthony saga.

           A narcissistic young mother who lived in a self serving, self centered world of her own with no room for anything that would get in the way of her "beautiful" life!

        "A Child A Mother Should Love" is a fictional story which actually began long before the latest headlines and right on the heels of Donna Lee Comer's "A Day For A Day!" A mystery thriller which was published March 6, 2010.

        The story is about a quite beautiful Jill Lawson Hawkins, who graduated from her Alma Mater as- "Girl most beautiful and most likely to be the world's next top model!"

        What looked like a dream couple, Jill met Kurt Lawson, the most handsome young man on the high school football team who also had aspirations of the Hollywood set and as fate would have it for the young and "beautiful" Kurt did land a role in a soap opera!

        Jill and Kurt Lawson were married and as expected, or unexpectedly to Jill, she became pregnant. Of course her first thoughts were "Abortion!" "I will not allow this beautiful figure to be dis-figured, nor do I have time or patience for a screaming brat of a child!" While demanding Kurt set up an appointment at an abortion clinic, Kurt was over joyed with the prospects of being a father and rejected abortion. Jill reluctantly endured the pregnancy for him. Not because she really loved him, but their image and the prospects of using him to catapult her modeling career were more important.

      Jill's plans are completely interrupted when Kurt unexpectedly loses his life and now "Mommy" is stuck with an unwanted child!

     Thus begins a trail of abuse to a child that is rarely heard of. A beautiful little girl named "Annie" lives her first six years in and out of hospitals which is never seen as abuse because Jill is very good at pathological untruthfulness.

     The reader will be intrigued, incensed, even nauseated by this egotistical monster while her "unwanted" daughter must be perfect in every way ...... or pay the consequences! What will happen to this child a mother should love?"

"A Child A Mother Should Love!" -Volume one & two - by Donna Lee Comer -----


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Donna's Bio......
       I was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania. I came from a family of eleven children. I have five brothers and five sisters. The first six of us were born in a small farmhouse on a 200 acre farm owned by our parents. Life was simple and fun for us. 
       I attended Kennard Dale High and graduated from York Vo-Tech in York, Pa.
       I married Robert G. Comer in September, 1969. We have four children  and six grandchildren and live in Red Lion, Pa.

      My oldest sister, Gloria, died in 2005 from ovarian cancer. Our father,the strongest and wisest man I have ever known, died in 2009, and we miss them both. I have found that you have to appreciate the people you love today, for they may be gone tomorrow.
I began reading as an elementary student and have not stopped. I can get lost or even lose a few hours of time and wonder where the time went, just by reading a good book!
I love reality fiction!  Mystery, drama, suspense etc. ..... but never dreamed I could write one.

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.... and make sure you put book title  in the subject line.

Thank you!

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